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We Do Custom Lighting, Sound, Video, & Stage Design along with new construction and upgrades

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    Custom Stage Rental

    Are you seeking for a perfect and customized stage to meet your event or recording requirements? Mia Sound Production will transform the stage into almost any shape and size you want in the shortest possible of time. We are pro in fast and easy stage assembly; hence one can expect a professional stage rental for any occasion anytime. We are experienced and now proud to supply a professional range of high-quality dais hire systems for your any kind of events.

    We are capable enough in offering any type of stage hire systems consist of modular lightweight platform decking along with stage risers which are the best to create customized stages of various heights, shapes, and sizes. Also, we don’t forget to offer carpet platform decking and podium side skirts to meet your complete stage set up in Miami. Mia Sound Production is known for its flexibility, and everything we do comes with a high safety rating. We’re also known for high-quality technical production along with stage build in the events industry for years, hence have a huge stock of exceptional quality staging equipment available which can be hired for any kind of events. We offer bespoke solutions for custom builds whether you require a simple stage for small events or something a little more to bring a buzz to your brand in Florida.

    Call us as your full-service custom rental company in Miami and can provide a range of further services to incorporate into your event with everything you need from backdrops to audio and visuals, big screens, drapery, rigging and lighting, and various others. Our focus is on quality and reliability, hence please get in touch via phone or email to discuss your rental requirements and we’ll find the right dais hire solution for you.

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